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Does My Job Maximize My Strengths?

Maximize Your Strengths with Kefi Coaching

Do you ever feel like you are in the wrong profession, or in a position not suited to you? It’s not enough for some people to have a career path—they want to be engaged in their work and excel at their job.

Each of us is different because we have unique, natural talents and strengths. It’s our differences that are our advantage, individually and on teams. Customers, supervisors, and team members are not going to go to great lengths to seek out what makes you different. If you ever feel like there is more for you out there or perhaps a better fit, a great next step would be to discover your strengths and how to apply them in your work.

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International Coaching Federation Business Coaching Information

International Coaching Federation

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has some great literature about what to look for in a business coach, why you should choose a credentialed coach through the ICF, and what benefits you and your employees can expect from your coaching experience.

Click the link to download literature about business coaching from the ICF.

ICF Business Coaching PDF



The Benefits of Leadership Coaching


Leadership and team building are skills that may be learned over time by experienced managers and CEOs. Sometimes there is also a need to learn these skills quickly and confidently. Business and executive coaching can be the key to providing the tools for leadership success reducing the trial, error and risks of learning on the job.

Business and executive coaching can unlock the true potential of a leader as new managers learn skills like conflict resolution and team motivation. Leaders can become empowered with enhanced self awareness, and companies can improve the performance of individual managers, as well as their entire team. Continue reading