Tyra Jarvis lights up the room with her inspiring, motivating talks on life, business and how golf can directly impact your success. Known as “The Game Changer Coach,” Tyra guides audiences on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression to rekindle their passion for their life and career.

Signature Talks

Setting Boundaries for Passion and Purpose

Setting healthy boundaries is essential for our well-being and for living a healthy, satisfying, happy, joyful life. Get inspired and empowered, unstuck and moving forward with less stress, making better decisions based on what’s best for you.

In this inspirational and motivational presentation, we will explore:

  • Why it’s important to set boundaries.
  • Why we struggle with setting and upholding our boundaries.
  • Tips for setting healthy boundaries.


Game Changing Goal Setting

High achievers know that goal setting is a critical step on the path to success. What happens to your goals when your environment changes? When your priorities change? When you’re feeling unsatisfied?

In this high-impact, high-value session, you will learn:

  • The 5 keys to keep you out of overwhelm and burnout, and stay energized, empowered and excited about your life every day.
  • To leverage your goals to get unstuck, and on the path to unlimited accomplishment in your career and personal life.
  • How to transform stress and frustration of an unmotivated team to the joy of a committed, effective, high-performing team.


Golf: The Contact Sport for Business and for Life

Ready to take your career to the next level and have fun along the way? Statistics show playing golf makes a difference in the business world and it’s the perfect networking tool. If you’re tired of being left out or saying “no” to golf invitations, you can’t afford not to play. Tyra shares why golf is the sport of business, and a critical success tool for high-achievers.

In this fun, lively presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why playing golf for business and life is a game changer.
  • What it’s costing you to not have golf in your toolkit.
  • How to take advantage of the opportunities when you learn to play.


“Tyra’s ability to work with our SCORE class was amazing. She helped them recognize their problems, and provided clear and concise answers that could resolve their issues. We appreciate her willingness to jump in and work with our small business owners and managers.” — Kathleen Shaffer, President, Auburn Chamber of Commerce 

“I have had the opportunity to hear Tyra speak on many occasions and I have found her to be a very inspiring person and great group leader. Our meetings are always informative and I grow professionally and as a person with each one I attend.” — Leah Courant, Mortgage Consultant, Evergreen Home Loans

“As advocate for women’s golf, Ms. Jarvis is truly inspirational.  Her seminar on “Golf – The Contact Sport for Women in Business” was filled with great anecdotes that made for an engaging learning experience. Her presentation on how to play “business golf” was well-researched with great handouts. As an EWGA sponsor, she often presents on the benefits of Kefi Coaching. She communicates the value of personal life coaching in a relatable way to both small and large audiences.”— Del Sayles-Owen, EWGA Director of Golf Programs and Services