Life Coaching

Have you lost your zest and passion for life? Are you stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed, and unable to break the chains holding you back? Have you experienced a major life event and need to move to the next stage of your life? Then Kefi Life Coaching may be the answer.

Through passionate commitment, creative listening and supportive guidance, Certified Life Coach Tyra Jarvis will help you discover possibilities and potential that lead to the greatness inside you. Her life coaching process empowers you to be the person you were meant to be; and motivates you to do what you need to do to have what you most desire in the world.

Leadership Coaching

Passion is our source, our spirit, our vitality and zest for life and for living. Clarity of our passion becomes our true North, our compass for direction for expressing ourselves in the world. That light is in all of us. Without it, how do you prevent burnout?

Kefi Leadership Coaching will help you rediscover that passion.  Leadership Coach Tyra Jarvis’s executive coaching process will help you get clarity of your vision and commitments and hold you accountable so you fulfill the actions consistent with your commitments.

Do You Really Need a Life Coach?

life coaching - Kefi Coaching - Tyra Jarvis

 Life coaching may be the right choice for you, if you:
  1. Want to make the changes needed to achieve a better work/life balance; and restore passion and commitment.
  2. Need clarity and focus to make the right choices in your career and life.
  3. Are stuck in place and need to move forward.
  4. Are facing a major life change and do not have the confidence, skills, or ability to cope.
  5. Need to move from a place of fear, grief or anger to emotional health.


Are You Sure?

life coaching - Kefi Coaching - Tyra Jarvis

Life coaching is a personal journey of discovery and empowering, fulfilling transformation. Our 4-Step Game Changer Program is unique to you. Be prepared to:

Experience emotionally healthy personal or professional development.

  1. Take the action necessary to fulfill commitment and goals with a trusted accountability partner.
  2. Replace fear, paralysis uncertainty with confidence, motivation and energy
  3. Recapture your passion, energy and zest for life.
  4. Gain a new perspective from the outside looking in.


They Did and They Are Thrilled

life coaching - Kefi Coaching - Tyra Jarvis

Fresh Insights and a 360-degree View

“Faced with building a new organization to construct a $100M project in half the normal time was a challenge both professionally and personally. Tyra’s steadfast positivity, encouragement, and hands-on support made the difference.” –  Michael Ort, CEO, Praxis Associates, Inc.

Accountability and Results

“Having regular coaching and accountability is tremendously valuable in charting a course of action that progressively advanced me toward the success metrics we defined.” – Sandy Cross, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion, PGA of America

Realizing Potential   

“Over the course of a year, both my professional and personal goals became clearer and achievable. Professional coaching, with Tyra, is bound to leave anyone more successful.” – Carolyn Kolstad, Schoolyard Habitat Coordinator, U.S Fish & Wildlife Service

Aligning Minds and Hearts

“Tyra is a committed and consummate professional with one of the biggest hearts. It has been a pleasure to experience her heart, knowledge, and insight first hand.” – Pam Thomas, M.S., PMC, PCC | Certified Life, Mentor, Business Development Coach & Intuitive

Creative Listener

“Tyra is an amazing coach. She has an incredible ability to really listen to what you are saying and ask the right questions to get you thinking.” – Renee Deagle, Principle, AdHappy

“Tyra’s genuine interest in hearing me and then having me visualize the positive outcome has been very helpful.” – Paula Reece, Plant Controller, Sacramento, Seven Up Bottling Company of San Francisco.

Now It’s Your Turn to Move

life coaching - Kefi Coaching - Tyra Jarvis

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit to work together and see if or how I can help you!

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