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Clear the Clutter in 2015

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The environment we surround ourselves in has a direct impact on how we feel and function as individuals. Just as an office space can lay the groundwork for a more productive workday, an overly cluttered and haphazard office can impede productivity. Going further, an overly messy or haphazard home can lead to emotional turmoil. Continue reading


Healthy Living

Healthy living

Volumes of studies have shown time and time again that our physical health plays a role with our mental health, and vice versa. Research by the National Institute of Health shows that emotional distress creates susceptibility to physical illness. A review in Current Opinion in Psychiatry evaluated the relationship between exercise, physical activity and physical and mental health, and found that exercise and physical activity are associated with better quality of life and health outcomes.

How do you take control over the chaos in your physical life if you are sedentary, sick, and feeling stuck? Continue reading