2 thoughts on “Choose Your Choices

  1. Kathryn Hirst

    Very cool and informative Tyra. Utilizing technology through social media and getting yourself out there via the net explaining your passion for coaching and exploring the humanness within us all. You came back into my life for a reason and I look forward to identifying that reason with you.
    I know your coaching will hugely benefit those that you will come in contact with. Kathryn

  2. Kurt Schoenrock

    Just got this link yesterday. Very nice. I forgot how well spoken you are. Once in a great while I remember the Saturday mornings at the coffee shop on Folsom Street. Good memory.
    I think this interview went over well. Wish it went a little longer, but …
    I wish you continued success and I hope that you continue to turn the pages in your bucket list.

    Thanks for the email.


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